Commercial Kitchen Equipment Installations

Your restaurant equipment and how that equipment is installed affects the overall quality of service that you provide to your customers, the efficiency in which service is offered, and the consistency of the food itself.
Having a cohesive and efficient kitchen layout with the precise equipment needed creates the perfect environment for your workers and helps to prevent future downtime. No kitchen manager wants their equipment to break down amid a workday because it wasn’t installed correctly since the beginning.
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Trust Wilson Enterprises to cover your commercial kitchen equipment installations needs. Our technicians work side-by-side with your team to understand your vision, goals and overall needs. Our installation specialists will install and test all equipment while guiding your staff through the process to ensure efficient and proper operation of all equipment.

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Installing gas in a commercial kitchen is an intricate process, and it requires hiring professionals like Wilson Enterprises to ensure that proper installation processes are followed. Safe, secure and systematic installation is very important because if the gas installation is not done correctly, there could be major consequences. Gas leaks, accidental fires or something else could do serious damage to the kitchen, and more importantly, to the customers and the employees.

Gas installations in a commercial kitchen need to done by experts in the field. Commercial kitchens have multiple gas line connections. You have big industrial ovens that take a lot of gas to run, and depending on their business hours they run all day long. Not to mention you have the stoves and grills in the kitchens that need the proper treatment so the gas lines can be connected, yet are still safe.

If you are looking for a gas installation in your brand commercial kitchen, or you are looking to get a gas installation in a remodeled kitchen, it is important to call Wilson Enterprises. We are a reliable company with more than 30 years of experience in the industry with a proven track record.


Installing electrical equipment in a commercial kitchen requires hiring professionals like Wilson Enterprises to ensure proper installation processes are followed. Safe, secure and systematic installation is very important. If the electrical installation is not done correctly there could be major consequences such as accidental fires or something else that could do serious damage to your kitchen.


If you’re looking to have your steam equipment serviced; call Wilson Enterprises and we’ll provide you with the services that will ensure the smooth functioning of your steam equipment. From regular maintenance to efficient and effective repair, we have got you covered. Wilson Enterprises is equipped to delime and descale your steam equipment on a regular basis to help maintain optimal operation of your equipment. You can rely on us and our certified technicians to ensure that your steam equipment is running at its best and without any steam leaks.

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The Wilson Guarantee

At Wilson Enterprises we believe in customer satisfaction at all costs. That’s why we offer each of our clients a 100% guarantee on all installations we complete.